Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The days of running out of hearing aid batteries are long gone! In addition to hearing aids that take standard disposable batteries, we also offer a range of fully rechargeable behind the ear and receiver in the ear hearing aids.

The benefits of rechargeable hearing aids

  • No more fiddly batteries to change
  • No more having to make sure you have spare batteries at home or in your bag
  • More hours of use from a single charge
  • Save money over time
  • All day use
  • Simple and portable recharging
  • More environmentally friendly

It usually only takes 3 – 4 hours to reach a full charge that generally lasts all day, and if you’re in a hurry, just 30 minutes of charge can give you 5 hours usage. If you stream sound from another device, like your phone or TV, usage times can be lower so check this when you’re considering which rechargeable hearing aid to buy.

Hassle-free hearing

Rechargeable hearing aids generally run on lithium or silver-zinc batteries so you need a charging station that’s included with your hearing aid. With a choice of portable chargers to suit your lifestyle, including plug in and leave models, charging your hearing aid is child’s play!

It’s easy to know when you need to recharge, as rechargeable hearing aids send out a signal, usually three short beeps, to tell you there are about 2 hours of use left, and this signal repeats every 30 minutes until you put it in the recharger.

Simply place your hearing aid in the charger and the recharger will stop automatically when the battery is fully charged. You’ll know when the hearing aid is charged, as on most models, there’s a small light which turns green to let you know all is ready.

Many people place their hearing aids on charge when they go to bed, and they’re ready to use when they wake up. Simples!

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

The life of a hearing aid battery depends on its size and how well it needs to perform. If you wear your hearing aids all day, you can expect a standard disposable battery to last between 5 days and 2 weeks (based on 14 hours use a day), depending on the battery size.

However, the life will vary with your degree of hearing loss, as the more amplification needed, the shorter the battery life. It will also vary if you use a remote control or if you stream sound with your hearing aid and other devices.

The best way of preserving battery life is to turn your hearing aids off at night when not in use.

Rechargeable batteries generally last 4 – 5 years.

Which rechargeable hearing aid?

If you’d like to find out more about rechargeable hearing aids and which models might suit your hearing loss, simply book a hearing test with your local Hear Always Audiologist. They will test your hearing and then advise you on suitable options available from our wide range of the very latest technology in hearing solutions from all the World’s leading manufacturers.